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CN-106411814-A: 一种策略管理方法及系统 patent, CN-106412901-A: 一种防蹭网无线路由方法及路由系统 patent, CN-106412951-A: 一种移动终端及wifi连接方法 patent, CN-106412965-A: Method, network-surfing terminal, and system for automatic off-line realization patent, CN-106413063-A: 多系统Wi‑Fi共享的方法及装置 patent, CN-106413328-A: Cable sorting device patent, CN-1064134-A: Floating body device for using wave energy patent, CN-106414631-A: 水性丙烯酸类涂料组合物 patent, CN-106415037-A: Wheel bearing device patent, CN-106415715-A: Encoding device, decoding device, encoding and decoding methods, and encoding and decoding programs patent, CN-106416331-A: Electronic subscriber identity module selection patent, CN-106416727-A: 一种阳台种植芍药技术 patent, CN-106417074-A: 伸缩式宠物牵引绳 patent, CN-106417144-A: Exploiting Oreochromis mossambicus fish culture pond direct breed fish species control department and culture method patent, CN-106417795-A: Heat clearing and toxicity removing runcinate knotweed root tea substitute and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106419198-A: Duplex staggered-floor noon break and official business handling space patent, CN-106419605-A: Non-energy rapid self-heating food box patent, CN-106422340-A: Toy gyro, terminal equipment and toy gyro system patent, CN-106422387-A: 一种具有升降功能的旋转蒸发器 patent, CN-106422658-A: 一种再生式气体处理装置 patent, CN-106423336-A: Clean sampling device with universal containing disc patent, US-3483580-A: Inflatable footwear form patent, CN-106423385-A: 一种便于去杂的煤矿用破碎机 patent, CN-106423625-A: 一种高陡边坡化学喷涂自动控制系统 patent, CN-106423645-A: Method for reducing edge water of color plate after primary coating curing patent, CN-106423821-A: Slurry roller screen patent, CN-106423907-A: Automatic separation device and separation method for overtemperature of three-roller thread grinding processes of S2 bolts patent, CN-106424108-A: Integral in-situ mercury pollution repair device and repair method thereof patent, CN-106425990-A: Machine for feeding partitioning plate component into muffler patent, CN-106426442-A: 一种竹子关节切削机构 patent, CN-106426648-A: 一种泡沫塑料粉碎机 patent, CN-106426683-A: 小型塑料部件降温筒 patent, CN-106427432-A: 水陆两栖运输车 patent, CN-106427502-A: Skylight guide rail of car patent, CN-106427813-A: 一种汽车徽标开闭拉索释放机构 patent, CN-106428196-A: 车辆转向装置 patent, CN-106429162-A: Distribution box patent, CN-106429509-A: 一种具有信息采集功能的物流仓库 patent, CN-106430426-A: 一种电镀镍废液及镀镍洗涤废水处理的方法 patent, CN-106430661-A: 一种造流式曝气机及曝气系统 patent, CN-106431410-A: 一种碳化硅陶瓷材料及其的制备方法 patent, CN-106431616-A: 一种冬小麦抗干热风专用肥 patent, CN-106432174-A: 一种联苯双酯药物中间体3‑甲氧基‑4,5‑次甲二氧基苯甲酸甲酯的合成方法 patent, CN-106433316-A: Nanometer silver wire inkjet electric conduction ink preparation method patent, CN-106433861-A: 一种润滑脂 patent, CN-106434952-A: 一种鸽性别分子鉴定方法及所用引物对 patent, CN-106435772-A: Method and device for preparing nano fiber by using electrostatic method patent, CN-106436213-A: Rail-mounted clothes hanger patent, CN-106437010-A: 一种夹心保温外墙板 patent, CN-106437635-A: Underwater oil pumping unit device patent, CN-106437851-A: 一种隧道内安全检修车与检测方法 patent, CN-106438018-A: 一种独立安装式水冷式中冷器 patent, CN-106440000-A: Skirting line type smart room heater patent, CN-106440260-A: Rotating speed control method of air supply motor, controller and air conditioner patent, CN-106441457-A: 一种基于ZigBee的花盆干湿报警装置 patent, CN-106441696-A: 远传数字压力表 patent, CN-106441751-A: Shield machine cutter wear simulation testing device and method for upper-soft lower-hard stratum patent, CN-106442118-A: 一种夹具装置及顶破装置 patent, CN-106442176-A: Anchor smashing test system of submarine cable patent, CN-106444891-A: 一种分体式冷链配送站控制系统及方法 patent, CN-106445304-A: 应用图标管理方法、及移动终端 patent, CN-106446323-A: Amplitude difference variance minimum judgment criterion-based time delay correction algorithm patent, CN-106446539-A: 基于卫星定位系统的潮汐预报方法 patent, CN-106446567-A: Method and device for implementing remote medical image consultation patent, CN-106447114-A: Method and device for providing taxi service patent, CN-106447553-A: 一种家校互动系统 patent, CN-106447985-A: 一种交通信号机的防盗装置 patent, CN-106448190-A: 高速公路自车周围车流量实时监测预警装置及方法 patent, CN-106448724-A: Memory device patent, CN-106449505-A: 一种用于半导体超薄器件的背面工艺方法 patent, CN-106451665-A: Tire-type gantry crane power system based on power battery energy supply patent, CN-106452681-A: 信号处理方法及设备 patent, CN-106454050-A: Information collection apparatus patent, CN-106454124-A: Dual camera-based focusing apparatus and method patent, CN-106454410-A: Copyright protection method and device for encrypted program patent, CN-106454828-A: 入网认证方法、入网认证装置、入网设备和路由器 patent, CN-106456059-A: 运动触发的生命体征测量 patent, CN-106457493-A: Table device, conveyance device, semiconductor-manufacturing device, and inspection device patent, CN-106458342-A: Apparatus and method for pre-folding open packaging sleeves patent, CN-106458613-A: Waterborne aerogel and method for producing same patent, CN-106459747-A: 用于电子器件的组合物 patent, CN-106460183-A: Coating film for suppressing adhesion of deposits, and flow-path component provided with the coating film patent, CN-106460466-A: Continuous fiber-reinforced tools for downhole use patent, CN-106460638-A: 用于机动车辆的热交换器 patent, CN-106460871-A: Maintenance method for variable stator blade device and variable stator blade device patent, CN-106460992-A: 用于车辆减振器的可变半径弹簧盘 patent, CN-106461194-A: Arrangement for generating light effects having a shadowing function patent, CN-106462306-A: Touch systems stylus and methods patent, CN-106462548-A: Firmware sensor layer patent, CN-106463049-A: System and methods to support autonomous vehicles via environmental perception and sensor calibration and verification patent, CN-106464780-A: Xslit相机 patent, CN-106464943-A: 信息处理装置和方法 patent, CN-106465253-A: Cell selection method and device patent, CN-106466399-A: Heat-clearing mussel meat bath effervescent tablet and preparation method thereof patent, CN-106466588-A: 一种减水剂合成反应釜 patent, CN-106466733-A: 一种行星齿轮轴的切割装置 patent, CN-106466803-A: 珩磨头装置及具有其的珩磨机 patent, CN-106467001-A: Paddy field plantation protection machine cab provided with air-conditioning inside-outside circulation switching mechanism patent, CN-106467397-A: Fire-resistant ceramic fiber patent, CN-106468079-A: 一种隔断用调节式装夹机构 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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